6 Packets: 60mg total THC Dark Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies- Hybrid Blend Strain:

THC Mini Cookies (5 pieces per packets)
6 packets
Hybrid Strain: House Blend
20mg total Cannabinoids Per Packet
Flavor: Dark Chocolate Chip
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6 Packets: Boosted 60mg total THC Mini Cookies- Hybrid Blend Strain:

(10mg intensity ea. THC Packet)

NANO Boosted THC Baked Goods (Up to x5 more potent from increased Bioavailability!)

Hybrid Strain: House Blend

Flavor: Dark Chocolate Chip

20mg total cannabinoids in each packet:

(cannabinoids: 5mg THC, 7.5mg CBD, 7.5mg CBG)

5 pieces per packet

(Sold in sets of 6 packs)


Open to the public, no medical cards needed.

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