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FLOWER is the most raw, unprocessed form of cannabis that encapsulates hundreds of cannabinoids in addition to cannabidiol (CBD). Through inhalation, CBD Flower makes its healing route through the entire body- making it the fastest and most efficient. it still contains essential terpenes and compounds that alter the effect on the user. This network of different cannabinoids working together is called 'The Entourage Effect', where each individual cannabis molecule plays into the ultimate feeling or outcome of consumption. Such outcomes are commonly classified into three strain types; Sativa, Indica and Hybrids.



Sativa strains are bred and tested for higher concentrations of energizing and stimulating compounds, making it an incredible ally for those who desire increased creativity, focus, and energy. Sativa strains tend to have more of a cerebral effect, pairing perfectly for users who experience anxiety, mild depression, or ADHD. Sativa strains are best suited for daytime use, because they are less likely to interfere with daily activities. Instead, they actually enhance them! Sativa's can be the burst of creativity and energy that propels you through a hectic workday, or just the comforting hug of security that eases tension and anxiety. Clients diagnosed with ADHD have noted increases in their ability to perform tasks with less distractive tendencies. All in all, Sativa strains can be your best friend when it comes to big projects and task lists. 



Hybrids are a balanced combination of both Sativa (Uplifting) and Indica (Relaxing) Strains. 



Cannabis flower is raw and unprocessed, it still contains essential terpenes and compounds that alter the effect on the user. This network of different cannabinoids working together is called 'The Entourage Effect', where each individual cannabis molecule plays into the ultimate feeling or outcome of consumption. Indica Strains contain compounds that are geared more towards severe pain, insomnia, and deep relaxation. They tend to be sedative, and can interfere with accomplishing certain tasks as the user will feel like laying down, watching a movie, and just relaxing. For this reason, Indica strains are best suited for users who need relief at the end of the day.



In a word, abso-freakin-lutely! Smoking hemp flower is the fastest way to feel the effects as it enters the bloodstream immediately upon inhalation. 

However, it is not the most advisable method of consumption for those who are looking for prolonged effects, or those who are opposed to the smell of hemp smoke or smoking in general.



The best way to introduce CBD into you system would, in our recommendation, be the 1 gram pre-rolls for beginners, as they require one ignition (or light) and accommodate easy inhalation. Simply press down the burning end on a flat surface to put it out when you've reached your ideal dose and save the rest for later.

Secondly, CBD oil distillate (not isolate) in the form of vape cartridges is a great alternative to subdue the distinct smell of hemp. They are connected to batteries that heat the oil without combustion, creating vapor instead of smoke. Among the same theory as smoking the raw flower, CBD vapor absorbs immediately upon inhalation giving the user more control and quick feedback on experimental dosages. 

Another effective method of consumption is eating CBD edibles since metabolization of the CBD molecule occurs over a longer period of time. This results in an extended duration of effects since CBD must travel through your liver before reaching the bloodstream.



Although the CBD compound has made quite a name for itself in recent years, there is plenty of reason to believe that CBD hemp flower is a better delivery of the full spectrum of cannabinoids that facilitate what has been coined “the entourage effect.” Many other ‘key player’ cannabinoids like CBG, CBN, and CBDA get lost in the noise of CBD popularity but have an important role in the all-encompassing delivery of CBD. 

In other words, the sole focus on the isolation of pure CBD rather than a conglomeration of all the compounds present in the entire hemp plant is a shortcoming of this new and constantly changing industry. Scientific evidence seems to support the notion that CBD works most effectively in concert with hemp’s other components, specifically residual THC.

This is the reason why you may come across a “full plant extract” CBD oil when shopping at a marijuana dispensary. Full spectrum CBD allows the plant’s terpenes and cannabinoids to work in tandem. These various compounds enable the CBD molecule to reach endocannainoid receptors.

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CBD Flower: Afghan Maple 31.9%

Cross between Afghan OG Kush with with award winning R4. It tastes sweet like maple syrup with a gaseous finish. You will be cerebrally uplifted, with mood boosting effects.


CBD Flower: Sour Diesel 34.13%

Sour Diesel is an amazing flower for its Anti Stress and Anxiety uplifting effects but relaxing affects. A new customer favorite with her sour, Cheesy, fruity aromas and beautiful buds.


CBD Flower: Special Sauce 28.47%

Cross between a specific phenotype of the original special sauce with Early Berry Resin. It has a berry flavor with hints of cinnamon. This exhilarating strain is mentally clarifying and helps relieve pain related to inflammation.


CBD Flower: Sour Space Candy 30.17%

Cross between Sour Tsunami and Early Berry Resin. It has a sweet and pungent flavor that lingers. Smoking this strain will elevate you improving your mood all around.

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